Laser Cutting

Laser cutting various materials including plastic, wood, rubber, adhesives, paper, and cardboard.

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Laser cutting can be cost-effective way to produce prototypes and production runs. American Laser Mark has Gantry lasers for large thick materials and galvo steered lasers for extremely cost-effective cutting  of  thinner materials. Adhesive films can be cut with tabs for easy application.
  • Free samples on your material
  • Quick 4-day turn around, expediting available
  • Same-day quotes
  • No minimum lot size – from prototypes to large production runs
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Our creative in-house fixturing results in faster turnaround and lower costs
  • In-house art department for all your graphic needs

Time-lapsed video of laser cutting designs on vinyl records.

American Laser Mark, Inc. has been providing high quality service since 1993. Our success is built on customer satisfaction, this is achieved by a documented quality system, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. Our in-house engineering and tooling enables us to take on the most challenging jobs. We serve a wide variety of industries including: Medical, Sporting Goods, ASI, Food Services and Point of Purchase. We are located in Kenosha between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. American Laser Mark, Inc. also offers pad printing, and industrial printing.

Laser Cutting Work